Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Short Update

The World Cup is too much of a distraction, so we've got nothing to show in terms of new creations.  But do you know what World Cup is good for?  Crocheting ripples!  Remember the colorful yarn we showed you in our last post? 
Well, thanks to endless nights of 7.00pm, 10.30pm and sometimes 2.30am  football-watching, they've been transformed to this!
Rows upon rows of ripples!  I've still got about...oh, maybe a hundred rows to go... if this is to be transformed into a snuggly blankie.  But never mind, one mustn't be discouraged.  Just looking at the colours is inspiration to persevere.
Still on the topic of yarn, guess what I saw at Spotlight today?
Jean Greenhowe's pattern books!  The much-coveted books have finally hit Singapore shores!  To think that we've trawled ebay to get our hands on these books and now, they're all here - newly-arrived.  The books are not cheap - about $16-$18.  But they provide many a moment of inspiration, fun and friendly rivalry as my friends and colleagues compete to knit up the dolls.  

So, do you think you'll be seeing a return of the dolls on this blog?  Let's hope so.  Here's a hint - I have something on the needle now.

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  1. Can't wait to see more creative creations from you!